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Most people think of changing the space within their homes when they think remodeling. Such things as adding new kitchen cabinets or new flooring, maybe French doors to replace sliding patio doors or taking down a wall between two small bedrooms to create a bigger bedroom.

On a bigger scale however it is possible to add on to the house, not just a room but several rooms, sometimes in the form of a whole new story to the house. Adding a second story to a one story house is a great way to give a small home added size and by building up, a family can easily add bedrooms and a bathroom without taking away the needed space below.

Adding a second story is a fast way to double the size of the house square footage, and it will also increase the value of the house when and if it ever becomes necessary to put it on the market. Having a home designer and builder work with the home owner during the whole process ensures that the ideas of the homeowner are implemented in a cost effective way, and that the remodel will stay true to the architecture and design of the home. A good remodel job should blend and have an easy flow from one area of the home to the next without any obvious gaps where the old meets the new.

For the home owner who can't build a whole new addition up due to the structure of the existing home, it is also possible to add an addition to the home by building out of course. This is a good way to keep the integrity of a ranch style home and increase the size of not only the bedrooms but the living room and kitchen as the whole house is expanded out to give more room inside.

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